March 10, 2010

My first Wilton Decorating Course

Last month I have started to take the Wilton Decorating Courses. That was also what made me take the final decision of starting this blog. I felt I was learning one more skills I was getting passionate about: after baking also decorating. The first course is titled "Discover Cake Decorating" becuase it really goes over the basics of icing a cake, making the easy border and a few decorative flowers with buttercream icing. I don't particularly like the icing that you learn to make in the Wilton courses but it is still good to learn one more type of icing....above all for a beginner like I am....yes because in Italy we do not really decorate cakee, cookies and cupcake with icing. Actually, unless you are a professional baker you have high chances of having no idea of how to make icing (like myself until a year ago).

So, this course for me was A LOT of fun and I have actually learnt much more than I thought I could. As first post I am just going to post some pictures from the first course. I am not posting the recipe of the cakes because I usually used very basic white or chocolate cakes to practice.

I am a good baker but I didn't start very well as decorator. The icing of the very first cake didn't come out very well because I used the wrong icing consistency for the final coat (in fact, you can still see the crumbs) but overall I think the cake is pretty! I usually bake very good cakes but this is really the first cake I decorated all by myself....if you can call it a real decoration!


On our third class we learnt to make the rose. I was very scared and pessimistic about my abilities to make roses but all in all now I am really proud. Also, I tried to make them with the teacher icing and they came out marvellous at the first try. This gave me confidence and made me understood that the fact that my initial roses were not smooth was not a matter of my hand but of my icing :-)


After that I got to practice with several small flowers.

I love making flowers and I was looking forward to use them to decorate a cake. Here is the final cake of my first course. I have to admit...I felt very proud of myself with this cake...even the teacher told me I did a good job. I think it's so cute!

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