April 10, 2010

How to recycle cookies...and fail (or not): Cookies Truffles!

I never thought I would have ever had the need to figure out a way to recycle cookies but today I had to. The other day I tried a recipe of apricot jam filled cookies that yielded 40 small cookies. I liked them but Wally found them a bit bland....and when Wally does not LOVE something, you can bet he is not going to eat it! On the contrary, I have a big issue with throwing away food, above all when it has a  perfectly fine taste. And I did like the cookies, so I kept them with the idea of having them for breakfast, as a very good Italian :)

However, I couldn't possibly finish all of them before they got old so today I tried to figure out a way to use the leftovers. I came out with this super easy, super cheap, super fast recipe. The cookies are smashed and mixed with cream cheese and then coated with melted chocolate. It is almost impossible not to have chocolate and cream cheese at home and I do believe these two ingredients can (almost) always save a cookie.

Well...hmmm...it ends up this recipe is not a keeper! I still like the idea and I will experiment with it again but these "truffles" were everything but truffles! They actually tasted good but they look far from truffles...I should have probably called them "double chocolate messy cookies balls" :(

Oh well...I didn't throw away  my cookies though.

Cookies Truffles
aka Double Chocolate Messy Cookies Balls

5-6 oz leftover cookies (you can really use any type of cookies, not just leftovers!)
4 oz softened cream cheese
6 oz semi-sweet and black chocolate
1/2 tsp butter

Crush up the cookies using a food processor, or you own hands. Combine with the cream cheese and make sure it’s mixed really well. Using your hands, roll into approx 36 1″ balls. Melt the chocolate with1/2 tsp of butter if necessary (it depends on the chocolate and the melting system it you use but remember that you cannot melt white chocolate in the microwave) and roll each ball in the melted chocolate until fully coated. My truffles were very messy and I try to fix them by rolling them first into the semi-sweet chocolate and then into the white chocolate, creating a double chocolate effect. Place each coated ball on waxed paper until fully set.

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