August 14, 2010

Sweet Ravioli

Don’t tell me you guys are tired of cookies recipes because here comes another. No, I did not have a bad week this time but hey, am I allowed to have cookies only to cheer myself up now? No, right?! This week has actually been a pretty good week: working, blogging, twitting…and today we are going to see a house! Yes, we are on a house hunt! How exciting is that! We are not in a hurry and we had kind of suspended our search for the summer, between trip to Italy and my uncertain schedule during the summer school. But the other day we saw a house listed that was just what we are looking for. I hope in person it’s not going to disappoint us!

Anyways, as you can see in my life any excuse is good to have cookies. If on top of it I do not have much time to bake as in these days well then welcome cookies any time! [Next week I will work a ridiculous amount of hours so get ready for a cookie marathon :) ]

This is a very simple recipe and you guys know it all about me now: Sara loooves simple recipes. I love them even more when they surprise me. When I read this recipe on an Italian blog I thought it was going to be the usual butter cookies recipe. Instead, there is something different. They are more airy and they don’t have a strong butter taste. There is a little bit of milk and honey in the dough and I think these two guys made the huge difference. Wally had breakfast with these cookies! He does not eat cookies for breakfast like I do so I guess they are somehow already very special cookies in our home!

Sweet Ravioli
Yields 20-25 big cookies

500 gr  (17.6 oz ) flour
180 gr (6.3 oz or ¾ cup) sugar
180 gr (6.3 oz or ¾ cup) butter, at room temperature
30 ml (1 fl oz or 0.125 cup) whole milk
20 gr (0.7 oz or 5 tsp) honey
pinch of salt
15 gr (0.5 oz or 3 tsp) baking powder
2 eggs

jam or nutella for the filling
confectioners’ sugar to sprinkle

Put the flour in a big bowl or on a flat surface and make a “fontanta” (i.e. a fountain. This is how in Italian we call it when you make a whole in the center of the flour where you will pour all the other ingredients).

Put in the center of the fountain all the ingredients but the baking powder. Slightly beat the ingredients until you obtain a cream and then sprinkle the baking powder on top.

Quickly work the mixture with your hands until you obtain a compact dough. I will never get tired of repeating this: do not overwork the dough or it will “burn” and you will obtain a very hard crust once baked. If you are scared of overworking the dough you can use a spatula to mix all the ingredients.

Wrap the dough into plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour.

After the hour is passed, preheat the oven to 350F degrees and prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Roll out the dough into a big rectangle 5mm think and cut it out into many rectangles. Put a spoon of jam on on side of every rectangle and cover it by folding the dough.

Press the sides of the cookie with a fork to make sure the cookie is well closed, otherwise the jam will spill out while baking.

Bake for 15-18 minutes. When the cookies are ready place them on a cooling rack and let them cool completely. Once cool, sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar and enjoy.

Have a sweet day!

Adapted from: Spelucchino


  1. Wow .... a very interesting and yummy looking cookie.

  2. How can anyone be tired of cookies!?! These look incredible...

    Ok, I think I've found my new favorite blog ;-)

  3. @Moogie: thanks! I've actually just admire your new creation....amazing!
    @Brian @AThoughtForFood: funny 'cause while you wrote your comment I was looking at your Fresh Currant and Raisins Scones recipe and I thought the same :) Looking forward your cupcake recipe!

  4. These are great...and yes anytime is cookie time :)

  5. These look awesome! I love how light and fluffy they are!

  6. The look like mini poptarts but better! These sound great.. I'm always on the lookout for good cookies :) We just did our house hunt as well, but to rent not buy.. luckily we found one quickly good luck to you!

  7. Cookies will never get old. These look like little pockets of deliciousness and I want one now. I'm cookie deprived over here.

  8. What luscious looking cookies with the jam filling! I love the sound of nutella in them too. Good luck with your house hunting!

  9. You don't need an excuse to make cookies! These look great :)

  10. Yummy! And yes, any time is the perfect occasion for baking and enjoying lovely cookies :-)

  11. I'm glad all you guys share my passion for cookies :)
    @Baking Barrister: sorry to say that they are already now we are two cookie deprived!

  12. Well - these behaved very well in front of the camera! They look delicous and well captured. Hm. I imagine them filled with heavenly strawberry jam or with nocciolata. Oh yum.

  13. i'm loving your idea. very inventive. i think i want to fill mine with a puree of figs or dates!



  14. Yum!! These remind me of miniature versions of pop tarts but probably tastes WAY BETTER!! I love the addition of the honey into the dough as well!

  15. My daughter will LOVE these! Perfect for that afternoon pick me up. Good luck on the house!

  16. Sara. These look scrumptious. How cute a delicious these little bitesa are! LOVELY!!!!

  17. these are too cute! I love it.

  18. @Hannah: yes, I guess this ones behaved well...the only photographic success of this weekend hahaha
    @Heather: looove the idea of puree of figs or dates as fillings! Must try
    @Ajcabuang04:yeah I truly believe the honey made the difference in not tasting a strong butter taste
    @Jennifurla @Kim @Joudie @Lauren: thank you!

  19. I LOVE these. I can imagine eating an entire plate of them with coffee in the morning. Want to join me? :) What a fun idea. Thanks so much for passing it along!

  20. @Christiane: that's exactly what I did. But if you make them I'm going to come over and have more :)

  21. These look so good....very clever recipe. Nutella with ANYTHING!

  22. @Simran: I would put nutella everywhere but my husband is not a big fan of it....can you believe an Italian married someone who could live without nutella?! love makes u do strange things...and so now i have to fill my cookies with jam (I don't like peanut butter :))

  23. These look like awesome cookies! Good luck with the house hunt :)

  24. @BakingSerendipity: thank you! We actually made our offer today and it seems everything is going through....soooo exciting and sooo stressful :)

  25. Sara, these cookies look so good and I would enjoy the Nutella or the jam fillings equally well.

    I hope the house-hunting went well and that the place you looked at was everything you expected. :-)

  26. @Sherry and @ Jean: thanks! The house-hunting went super well actually. We placed an offer and it was accepted so now we are in the messy days of inspections and loan approvals...not much time for baking :(

  27. I heart cookies and could never tire of them! These are elegant looking cookies. I like that they are filled and the size of them. These would be dangerous for me because they look lovely for any time of day!

    I hope the house you go visit is exactly what it seems :)

  28. @Cristina: thank you! These cookies were dangerous for me too :(
    And yes, the house was exactly what it seemed...even better; in fact we placed an offer :)
    @Kathryn: thanks for the suggestion. I'm always looking for new yummy cookies recipes

  29. Hi Sara,
    I found your lovely blog via foodgawker last week as I was searching for a new cookie recipe. I made these sweet ravioli on the very same day and I must say they were absolutely awesome!! I filled some with home made raspberry jam and some with chocolate nut spread and couldn't decide which were tastier. ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  30. @Maya: hi Maya! What to say but...yay!!! I am always very happy when somebody tries one of my recipes and is happy about the result. Having somebody getting happiness from one of the recipes I share is one of my biggest rewards :) And btw, you've got one very lovely blog yourself!

  31. Ciao Sara!
    Il mio nome è Barbara (spelucchino).
    Perdonatemi ma non conosco l'inglese.
    Mi ha fatto molto piacere vedere una delle mitiche ricette delle Sorelle Simili. Le raviole bolognesi (Sweet Ravioli) sono deliziose! Mi piace la forma quadrata che gli hai dato, del resto in Italia i ravioli (pasta ripiena) si fanno cosi.
    Altre due varianti per il ripieno sono: la crema pasticcera (una delizia!) e ripieno di ricotta (160 g di ricotta, 1 uovo, 50 g. di zucchero semolato, 1 cucchiaio di liquore Strega.

    Grazie della visita...


  32. Ciao Barbara! Grazie per il commento! Puoi tranquillamente fare commenti in italiano come fanno altri, no problem! Questa ricetta mi e' piaciuta un sacco ed e' piaciuta molto ai lettori americani. Dovro' provare la variante molto presto. Grazie del suggerimento!


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