October 21, 2010

They’ve got me…not once but twice!

OK…so this is a non-food post. Yes, you know that sometimes this happens, even at CaffeIna! The fact is that I’ve been tagged. And not only once, but twice. Phew! How many questions to answer. But I can’t escape this and for two good reasons. First of all, the two bloggers who tagged me are two of the bloggers I’ve been following and loving since the very beginning of CaffeIna’s adventures. I consider them my friends as if they were people I hang out with in a coffee shop every day, even though we never met! The second reason is that their questions were just so intriguing that I knew that answering them was going to be a lot of fun.

So here it goes. The first set of questions comes from Christiane @The Mom Chef.

1. What's the best live event (concert, comedian, etc.) that you've ever attended and when/why?
Can I be honest with you? The best live events are Wally’s shows (Wally is my husband, for those who are new to my blog). He is the leader of and plays with a (very weird for many of you) great band (miRthkon). I’m his fan number one and I love the fact that he always looks for me in the crowd to wink at me J When I was a teenager, I always dreamed of having a musician as partner…for me it’s like a cool dream come true. But no, he does not write songs inspired by me…really, his music is way too weird! I don’t even think I would want those songs to be inspired by me hehe

2. If you were given the opportunity to cook alongside any one professional chef, who would it be?
Ok, here is the shocking truth: I do not watch any food reality show and I do not really follow any big name. I always had an aversion towards having “idols”, of any sort. I never had posters of my favorite musician on the wall (I just dreamed about marrying him J) and now as a grown up I just do not “fan” any big name. If I could, I would rather want a chance to cook together with my favorite bloggers!

3.  When you were growing up, what did you want to be? Are you doing that? If not, what?
I was never a wannabe ballerina girl! But I sure had a clear idea in my mind: I wanted to travel the world! Up until my teenager years I thought of doing that as a tourist guide or a travel agent. Eventually I grow up and I started to become more aware of social and political issues and started instead a career in international development. I am not doing any of these things now. As many of you know, I am now a pre-school teacher and I think it’s the best (and most tiring!) job I’ve ever had!

4. If your house was on fire, what one item would you grab from the kitchen to save?
The scones I just baked! Seriously, I don’t have any fancy equipment in my kitchen and there is nothing that cannot be replaced. I’m not a very materialistic person. Instead, if my house gets on fire I will probably have to spend several hours outside waiting for the firefighters to put out the fire and I will be very sad….I will need something to cheer myself up. So, scones it is!

5.  Coke or Pepsi?
Diet coke, no doubt. But let me put one thing straight. I HATE HATE HATE corn syrup. So, in Italy I always want Coke but here in the US I just cannot stand the terrible back taste left by corn syrup (unless it’s Mexican coke!) and so I go for Diet Coke.

6. How many years have you been friends with the person you've known the longest?
30 years. My very first best friend in Italy was born only 4 months before me, lived two blocks down the street and came to my same pre-school since age 3. That’s when our friendship started (yeah, you’ve done the math well, I’m 33 now)

7. What food dish do you consider the most daunting and have not yet gotten up the courage to attempt it yet?
Oh gosh, sooooo many! But if I had to choose I would say any fried seafood-based dish. I’m terrified at frying and I don’t deal well with fish. I’m always scared I’m not cooking it thoroughly (man, I love it though!)

8. If you were an animal, what would you be?
Any need to ask? A hippo, of course!! And please, don’t tell me they are mean animals. I so don’t care. They are just too cute and they have a gigantic adorable butt! And btw, did you know that hippos let a lot of river and ponds fishes feed themselves with the insects that constantly populate the hippo’s thick skin? See, deep inside, they are good-hearted!

And now, let’s come to the other set of questions. Kate @Kate’s kitchen dared asking me the following ones.

1. What is your favorite food? I know…I know…you all know me for my sweet tooth. But if I have to pick one food that I could never never never get tired of eating, that’s pizza. Good pizza, of course!

2. If you could star in a foodtv show, what would it be about?
Uhm…I think I have to refer to my answer #2 above: I do not watch any food related tv show so I really do not know how to choose L

3. What is your favorite season and why?
Oh gosh this is a hard one. I’m a lover of the four seasons altogether! Each and every season has something unique to offer: flavors, colors, activities…if I really have to pick one I would say spring. Spring is the time of Nature rebirth and, I believe, also of human souls and body rebirth. I love the idea that fresh fruits and vegetables are going to come back in season after the cold, dark days of the winter. I love the flowers blooming and I love how the recipes become all a bit lighter.

4. If you could save one thing from your kitchen, what would it be? Opsie, again, you should refer to my answer #6 above.

5. What is the one place you've not visited that you'd most like to visit?
Latin America, and in particular Argentina. Oh, the tango, the great food, the cool people. What is there not to love about it!

6. What and where was your most memorable meal? On my first date with Wally, he “dared” bringing me to Lo Cocos, an Italian restaurant in Oakland, claiming it had an amazing pizza. In fact, it does! The meal was not memorable just for the pizza though but for the great time I had with a guy I met 3 hours before and that now is my husband.

7. How many places have you lived and which was your favorite?
I lived in 7 different countries but I left my heart in Mexico City. I know, many people hates it, other loves it. I’m among the latter.

8. What got you to start blogging?
Last March I found myself having a lot of free time for the first time after many years. I dropped out of my PhD studies in January and I could not work yet because I was waiting for my green card. I already loved baking and was doing so very often. My husband suggested me to start a blog. And so I did. I know, it’s not a very original story but that’s how it went.

Now, I know I am supposed to make up 8 questions myself and tag other bloggers but I need time to think about the questions (and the bloggers that might be available to answer those questions) and in the meantime I want to post these long overdue answers. So, I’ll get back to you guys with questions later on!

Have a sweet day!


  1. Oh these answers are too funny! I got tagged and wasn't too sure about the whole game at first, but I've had so much fun reading other people's responses. Love the hippo! And the scones from the fire because what would you need more than comfort food? Brilliant.

  2. So glad I could give you a giggle this evening! How cool you are married to a musician. Loved the hippo, so random, I'd grab the scones too! So much fun ready more about everyone!

  3. I usually don't like memes, but this one is so interesting, both the questions, and the answers. Marrying a musician is my dream too, sounds like so much fun :D

  4. thanks for sharing more about yourself with us, its always nice to learn more about your online friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I am loving this game of tag. Your answers are fun, it's good to get to know some foodbloggers a little more!

  6. Thanks- It's great to get to know you better!

  7. Diet Coke. I knew we were made to be friends.

  8. Great answers, it is so much fun to find out more about your fellow bloggers. Oh, and I forgive you for the diet coke answer, I know you meant to say Diet Pepsi ;o) LOL

  9. It was a lot of fun answering to these questions guys so I'm glad you had fun reading the answers!
    @Christiane: did you still have any doubts about that? Should I start a house hunting for you in Oakland? :)
    @Susi: hmm, yeah...hmmm...i hope we are still friends? :)


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